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Design and construction requirements for macaw cages

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When the macaw's cage was redesigned and built, the following precautions were taken:

1. Macaw cage area and space: Each macaw should occupy at least 2.5m (length) × 2.5m (width) × 3.5m (height). The height should not be too low, the stocking density should not be too large, and each should have a certain amount of activity space.

2. The luminous intensity of the macaw cage: the cage requires good lighting, good ventilation and ventilation. The three sides of the cage are made of Stainless steel wire rope mesh, which can fully enjoy the sun light and one side is a solid wall, which can be used for winter cold and warm wind. .

3. Macaw cage safety facilities: Macaws are hard and destructive. It is required that the cage net must be strong and durable, the mesh should not be too thin, and the mesh should not be too large. It is better to use a Stainless steel wire rope mesh with higher hardness. In order to prevent animals from fleeing, a two-layer security door should be provided.

4. Infrastructure requirements: Plants should not be planted in the cage. In addition to being easily damaged, the feces stick to the leaves and are not easy to be washed and moldy. Generally, it is a copy of the ecological environment, and more durable perches and rims can be placed in the cage.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh used for Macaw cage netting

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