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High quality Macaw Parrots cage netting

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High quality Macaw Parrots cage netting

High quality Macaw Parrots cage nettingLiulin is a production company that operates a giant high quality macaw parrots cage netting

Liulin is a production company that operates a giant high quality macaw parrots cage netting, and its products are sold to the global market. Company products focus on innovation, sales of high quality and safety products as the focus, for enterprises and individuals to provide quality products and services. We operate the macaw parrots cage netting security and environmental protection, high quality products by the consumer favorite.

Macaw parrots are the most colorful large parrots in the category of parrots, about 1 meter long, and because of their courageous pecking, the macaw is also known as Hercules. Macaw is a tropical American bird, the original living in the forest, rainforest, the field of macaws mainly figs, berries, seeds, fruit and so on for the food. Liulin parrots cage netting , because living in the wild, the food will inevitably have a lot of toxic species, macaw parrots are usually pecking in the rock on the block to pick up the minerals, so that they are poisonous. King Kong parrot is particularly intelligent, they can imitate human speech and good at performance, so there are many zoos, pet parks, children's paradise, circus and so are competing to keep the macaw for visitors to watch, so as to achieve its economic value. Therefore, the Macaw Parrots cage netting at the same time with a beautiful, do not block the line of sight, anti-bite breaking force, durable environmental protection and so on. Liulin stainless steel rope net professional for King Kong parrot cage network, is a high-grade stainless steel fine cottage dedicated network.

The following is our stainless steel wire rope mesh for the Macaw Parrots cage netting commonly used specifications and case maps for your reference:

Stainless steel wire rope mesh 1/16" x 1.5" x 1.5" specification for Macaw Parrots cage netting:

> by inch detdails:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1/16 inch

Mesh aperture: 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch

> by mm details:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1.6mm

Mesh aperture: 38mm x 38mm

Liulin set up more than 20 years, has been to high-quality products for the production of core, strict control of raw materials and weaving process, stainless steel wire rope mesh products in the country and Europe and the United States and other countries received praise and affirmation. Stainless steel wire rope mesh similar products include: tiger parrot cage netting, parrot luxury fence, parrot cages netting, stainless steel crimson parrot isolation network and so on.

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