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High quality mesh enclosure for Lion cage mesh

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High quality mesh enclosure for Lion cage mesh

High quality mesh enclosure for Lion cage mesh

August 9 is the world lion day. As a symbol of pride and inheritance, the lions are facing a dilemma: over the past 75 years, the number of lions in Asia and Africa has dropped by 90%, the culprit is human conflict, poaching and sports hunting. Some nonprofit organizations and tourism companies have created the World Lions Day to raise public awareness of the problems faced by lions, raise funds for Lions protection groups, and protect these mighty and cute big cats.

The lion is a kind of large cats that live in Africa and Asia, it is the largest cats that have the largest average weight, and are the only male and female species in the world. Wild African lion average weight of 240 kg, full length of up to 3.2 meters.

Lions live in tropical savannah and grassland, also appear in shrubs and dry forests.Often ambush to kill other warm-blooded animals. Lions are distributed in African grasslands, Asia, India. In the wild lions live 10 to 14 years, captive longer life, generally up to twenty years.

The lions in the zoo are mainly captive, and the lion cage msh are made of stainless steel zoo mesh. This lion cage mesh has a large strength, impact resistance and long life. It is especially suitable for ferocious fence, such as lion enclosure mesh, tiger cage enclosure and leopard cage fence.

Lion cage mesh specifications commonly used Zoo mesh code 1/8 "x 3" x 3 ", each mesh panel size is about 20 feet lenght, and about 16 feet in height, mesh can be customized production according to customer requirements. The details of stainless steel zoo msh 1/8" X 3 "x 3" are as below:

> by inch detdails:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1/8 inch

Mesh aperture: 3 inch x 3 inch

> by mm details:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 3.2mm

Mesh aperture: 76mm x 76mm

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