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LIULIN ZOO MESH as a protective netting for raptors birds

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The LIULIN ZOO MESH is ideally suited for use as a protective netting for raptors birds. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Zoo mesh has a service life of more than 30 years. It does not rust or corrode during the period. It does not require post-maintenance and does not need to be replaced frequently. It can give birds a safe and stable environment.

2. Zoo mesh is lightweight, but has strong resistance to wind and snow load, and is very suitable for the top netting of bird protection fence.

3. Zoo mesh is woven by stainless steel wire rope materials, very strong and durable, can fight the destruction of raptor birds.

4. The permeability of the Zoo mesh is very good. After installation, it looks almost invisible from the far side. Even if it is viewed, it does not affect the air circulation.

It can be seen that the Zoo mesh is a protective netting that is very suitable for use in raptor birds and is also suitable for use in safety fences for a variety of other birds.

LIULIN ZOO MESH as a protective netting for raptors birds

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