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Monkey fencing – Adequate specifications are available

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Monkey fencing is a common building in zoo. The stainless steel wire mesh produced by Liulin is suitable for a variety of projects and is suitable for monkey mesh, monkey fencing, monkey exhibit, monkey enclosures in Zoo.

This material has excellent physical properties, is durable, rugged, tough, and capable of withstanding large impact forces. 

At the same time, because it is made of stainless steel, it does not rust like other wire mesh and has a very long service life.

 monkey enclosure mesh-01

The monkey fencing material requires some properties, light and breathable, environmentally friendly, strong enough, and easy to clean.

Stainless steel wire mesh has the above characteristics and is also very easy to install. It can be installed in various frame structures and can be used as a filling or as a surface covering. Suitable for all kinds of environments: not afraid of humidity, high temperature, exposure, salt and alkali, and so on. And liulin has developed a number of models for you to choose from, suitable for any kind of monkey. Both small spider monkeys and orangutans can find the right specifications.


Commonly used specifications are as follows: #2051,#2451,#2460,#3260