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Liulin Wire Zoo Mesh New Year Wishes

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New Year is coming around. Liulin Wire Zoo Mesh wishes all of you have a nice vacation and happy New Year.

Liulin has served hundreds of customers including zoos, parks, construction companies and design firms in the past year. Their feedback on the stainless steel rope mesh has been very positive.

Stainless steel rope mesh has been used in the market for decades and is well established for animal fencing applications. As designers continue to make more innovative designs with cable mesh, rope mesh products are making a splash.

In fact, stainless steel wire mesh is particularly well suited for innovative designs. It is very soft, yet strong and durable, flexible yet with a metallic sheen, looks beautiful and atmospheric.

Diamond Cable Ferrule Mesh rollstainless steel wire rope mesh

Steel wire rope mesh compared with other ordinary cages

Glass cage is fragile and not breathable; wooden fence is easy to rot and unsafe; ordinary iron fence, easy to rust. Steel wire rope mesh, using AISI304 stainless steel, rust-free, soft and flexible, wear-resistant and strong. Mesh structure, good permeability, and good viewing experience. And it can be designed into various shapes. Maintenance-free and super long service life.

Liulin zoo wire mesh produces various specifications of flexible stainless steel cable mesh, animal woven wire mesh, cable woven wire mesh for sale. Stainless steel rope mesh is used in many fields of zoo animal cage, zoo animal fence, zoo bird netting, including: tiger cage netting, leopard exhibition fence, lion isolation netting, monkey mesh netting, giraffe fence netting, various bird aviaries, parrot anti-fly netting, eagle cage netting, etc.

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