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Stainless steel wire rope mesh is ideal for animal protective fencing

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Materials such as Stainless steel wire rope mesh are ideal creative and functional substitutes for animal protective fencing. Around the world, more and more zoos are using it as a preferred resource for new animal communities. The words of positive experience gained with this material are gradually spreading among experts.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh are safe, very resistant and corrosion resistant, and require little or no maintenance. Even the initial investment can be considered to have high cost-effectiveness.

The main advantage of stainless steel wire rope mesh provides advantages for the zoo chassis, but also has a very high permeability. In the Chengdu Zoo in China, stainless steel wire mesh was used to build the birdhouse roof net. Enveloping between the steel arches up to 15 meters, the grid is almost invisible when looking up at the sky.

Chengdu zoo bird aviary netting mesh-01

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