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Stainless steel zoo animal mesh order completed

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The Zoo Animal mesh is a flexible metal fence dedicated to the zoo. It is hand-woven from stainless steel wire rope.

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This animal fence is sturdy and durable, has a luxurious appearance, does not rust, and has a long life, which is very popular among zoo managers.

The animal purse is suitable for a wide range of common animal enclosures, such as the leopard enclosure, the African cheetah enclosure, the lion fence, the Indian tiger fence, the tiger enclosure fence, the Australian sloth exhibition, the Australian branch. Modo monitors, monkey enclosures, spider monkey enclosures, enclosure houses, orangutan enclosures, clam enclosures, etc.

The zoo animal mesh has a smooth, flexible surface that is not damaged and will not cause damage to animals. It relies on tension to form a resilient mesh surface that is soft and elastic, and does not cause any damage even if the animal hits the mesh. This mesh surface can be used for animal climbing, soft and flexible, easy to shape, and can be used as a roof for enclosures.

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There are many models of zoo animal nets to choose from. You can choose the material, cable diameter, mesh opening, panel size, mesh angle, liulin will be produced according to your requirements. The quality of the animal net is reliable, cost-effective, one-time investment, long-term use, is the best building materials for the zoo enclosure.