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What are the basic conditions that an parrots aviary should have?

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After our research and discovery, a reliable parrot aviary should have the following basic conditions:

1 Ventilation: The birdhouse must have good ventilation, because the summer is very hot, the rain is very humid, if the air is not circulating, it will easily breed bacteria, and the high temperature will easily cause the birds to die.

2 shelter from the wind: In fact, some varieties of parrots are very cold-resistant, but the most fear is the wind, the cold wind and the wind directly blow on the body will cause a lot of pressure on them, after all, the birds rest time in the tree.

3 Guarantee more than 10 hours of sunshine per day, not direct is ok. Sunlight is closely related to calcium and vitamin D.

4 Avoid noise: This is very important for reproduction, no birds are willing to give birth in unsafe places.

5 Security: There is no intervention by natural enemies such as mice, cats, hawks, weasels, and bad guys.

6 It is best to be close to a clean water source, have appropriate electrical facilities (protective outlets), etc. The water source is very important, because it is necessary to change the water every day in summer, it is best to have a certain water filtration device.

7. Doors and fences should be closed with stainless steel materials wire rope woven mesh. The larger the parrot, the stronger the mouth. For example, the protective net of aluminum material can be bitten. It is also not recommended to use a spray net. Birds bite and eat paint will die.

What are the basic conditions that an parrots aviary should have

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