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Wire mesh for animal enclosures

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Wire mesh has been used in animal enclosures since its inception, and you can see it in fenced cages and housings.

In fencing, caging and enclosures.

Wire Mesh for animal enclosures has developed a very large variety, from the material point of view, there are wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel.

From the processing technology point of view, there are welded mesh, braided mesh, punching sieve mesh.

There are so many kinds of wire mesh, is there a kind of wire mesh to adapt to the zoo enclosure.

Stainless steel cable mesh proves to is an ideal product at these instances for a handful of reasons.

First of all, the stainless steel cable mesh has a near-impenetrable robustness. As wire mesh for animal enclosures.

Stainless steel cable mesh is made up of AISI304 or AISI316 materials, not rusty, non-toxic, durable, weather-resistant. Stainless steel cable mesh is made of stainless steel cable by knotting and twisting, woven.

The structure is simple. Stainless steel cables have been shown to withstand greater breaking forces than steel wires of the same thickness as single strands. And its fatigue resistance is to be much better.

 LIULIN Flexible stainless steel cable mesh

Stainless steel cable Mesh Pressure capacity is the best of all wire mesh products.

Secondly, stainless steel cable mesh offers virtually unlimited options at it comes to opening size and diameter wire.

Depending on the scene and situation of the application, the opening size and cable diameter of the cable mesh can be configured. Depending on the purpose of the fence, the stainless steel cable mesh can be configured to achieve the required opening dimensions. For example, small animals, birds, need a smaller opening size, and a finer diameter wire rope.

and deer and wolves need larger opening sizes and larger diameter cables.

For this reason, the key is to clearly apply the animal species. Compared with galvanized welded wire mesh, stainless steel cable mesh is a kind of flexible wire mesh, which can adapt to cages of various shapes.


In particular, the tent roof of the aviary is the perfect application for stainless steel cable mesh, while other wire mesh are powerless. We offer customizable services that you only need to determine the specifications to choose from, and the size of the entire panel.

We can provide you with a mesh panel that meets your requirements.

Stainless steel cable mesh is a kind of creative building materials, has a bright future, its perfect performance will be more and more people's attention.

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