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Advantages of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

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Stainless steel Cable Mesh is applicated for parrot cage nets, parrot cage protection nets, and macaw cage fence nets. It is firm and durable, soft and tough, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, beautiful and environmentally friendly, and has a long life.

Stainless steel Cable Meshes are used for parrot cage protection nets mainly because of the following aspects:

1. Beautiful, set off with beautiful parrots, it is a pleasure to watch.

2. Without blocking the line of sight, the parrot can be seen clearly.

3. High tensile strength, biting resistance and firmness, which can protect the parrot very well.

4. Corrosion resistance, no rust, can be used in various climatic environments, does not require maintenance, and has a long service life.

5. Good flexibility, suitable for various cage designs, flexible and convenient installation.

6. Green and environmentally friendly, it does not have any bad influence on parrots.