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Gorilla Fence Net

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Liulin stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in zoos for new or rebuilt various kinds of gorilla fence net, gorilla fence, and gorilla cage net. 

Stainless steel cable mesh is suitable for primates including: orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon, mandrill, gibbon, monkey, ape, vajra gorilla and many other kinds of primates.

Stainless steel rope mesh products are made of high quality stainless steel wire, all raw materials are made of high quality steel wire rope. Stainless steel rope mesh has high tensile strength, strong breaking force, corrosion resistance, no rust, good flexibility, strong and durable overall structure, luxurious appearance, novel form; soft to the touch, can effectively protect the orangutan animal fur, and does not block the line of sight, flexible and convenient installation, no maintenance later, service life of more than 30 years.


Stainless steel rope mesh with high tensile strength can effectively resist the climbing, biting, pulling and tugging of orangutans, baboons, mandrill and other animals on the cage protection net. Good flexibility, to protect the orangutan animal fur.

Liulin wire mesh is the stainless steel rope mesh factory direct products, complete specifications, large area mesh custom production, pure hand-woven to ensure the quality of each steel wire, each mesh hole.

Stainless steel woven mesh, beautiful and environmentally friendly, with good viewing sight lines and no sense of restraint, can better adapt the animals to their environment and show the most realistic ecological habits of gorillas.

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