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Stainless Steel Wire Netting Rolls Sent to the USA

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The order for thousands of square meters of stainless steel wire netting rolls was completed last week, and this week was packed and shipped by normal air to Arizona, the United States.

Liulin Zoo Mesh Fabric is an old-brand exporter of stainless steel wire mesh netting rolls. Every month, stainless steel wire cable netting orders are shipped to users all over the world, including zoos, parks, design companies, and construction companies.

The picture below is the order we shipped this week. The order is an order from an old customer, and it is the materials purchased for the construction of the birdhouse. The aviary contains large birds, so the selected aperture size is 2" mesh, and the rope diameter is 1/16" and 3/32".

stainless steel wire netting rolls

stainless steel wire rope neting

Recently, there are a lot of goods imported to Europe and America, and the space is very tight whether by air or by sea. Seaports and airports often have cargo backlogs. Therefore, if customers have plans to import stainless steel cable netting rolls, in addition to setting aside time for stainless steel wire mesh production, they must also leave enough time for transportation, so as not to delay the overall process of the project.

Liulin Zoo Mesh Fabric will choose a reliable freight forwarder for you to save shipping time as much as possible. The high freight rates in the past two years have also been a headache for customers when making budgets. The foldable, small size and heavy-weight packaging of the stainless steel zoo net will save you a lot of freight expenses, whether it is air or sea.

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