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USA Large Outdoor Animal Enclosures Mesh Order Delivery

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Large Outdoor Animal Enclosures usually require a large amount of stainless steel wire rope mesh materials. Since Liulin wire zoo mesh is purely hand-woven and customized in size, it is very necessary to purchase in advance according to the progress of the project. This allows sufficient time for production and transportation.

Liulin company shipped large quantities of large outdoor animal enclosures net materials to the United States this week. This is the first shipment, about 20 pallets, weighing 6 tons, and 5,000 square meters of stainless steel rope net.

large outdoor animal enclosures mesh panels delivery of animal enclosures mesh

This batch of large outdoor animal fence nets is 40 pieces, using #3276 (cable dia. 1/8", 3" x 3" mesh aperture) specifications. This project is a new facility for a large grizzly bear project. And this specification is also applicable to tiger, lion, and leopard perimeter nets. The safety of the stainless steel rope net is certified, so it can provide protection for animals and people.

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