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Animal enclosure mesh for zoo

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Hi, friends, when you visit the zoos, have you paid attention to the animal enclosure mesh that caging the animals? What is the material, is it reliable and safe?

Nowadays, almost every city has its own special zoo, which has more or less caging kinds of animals, tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, and diverse birds. Animal enclosure mesh for zoo is an effective protective fence for zoo safety.

Some animal enclosure mesh for zoo is a natural wall formed by local conditions, some are artificially designed railings and netting of various materials, and also are transparent space of glass. These animal enclosure meshes have their own advantages and are different in their choice and application. We mainly introduce the most popular animal enclosure mesh products for zoo: Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh, also called of stainless steel cable mesh, stainless steel zoo mesh.

This Animal enclosure mesh is hand-woven by a special process of steel wire rope. It does not damage the original characteristics of the wire rope. The node is firmly displaced and the unique and durable and flexible features of the wire rope are formed into a seine by the line. It has improved the service life and aesthetics of the mesh, which is a major innovation and progress of the screen products. This Animal enclosure mesh for zoo can be used for animal cage side enclosure fence, animal cage roof netting, and other barrier fence, isolation network.

Animal enclosure mesh for zoo

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