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Bird cage wire mesh

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Pet birds are popular, whether in zoos, bird parks or homes, people are happy to raise these cute birds, such as lovebirds, finches, cockatiels, canaries, small parakeets and other small parrots birds. To raise these birds, we first need a Bird cage wire mesh to give them a home, comfortable and long-lasting.

We strongly recommend the use of stainless steel wire rope mesh with 0.8" x 0.8" or 1" x 1" mesh aperture and 3/64" or 1/16" rope diameter as Bird cage wire mesh, which limits these small birds from escape, can maintain enough sunshine and ventilation. The high-quality stainless steel 304 material is rugged and durable for maximum life. Moreover, stainless steel wire rope mesh are easier to clean and disinfect than wooden aviaries.

We do not recommend the use of galvanized nets as Bird cage wire mesh, as birds will lick the grid and eat heavy metal zinc, which is a fatal danger to them.

We use stainless steel wire rope mesh for small Bird cage wire mesh, and can also be used as a zoo wire mesh cover or cage, which is lightweight and easy to install.

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