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Stainless Steel Metal Birdhouse Wire Mesh Order Delivery

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Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory completed a batch of stainless steel metal birdhouse wire mesh this week and sent it to the United States. This customer ordered a stainless steel rope net with a small mesh, which is suitable for small birds, such as small parrots, finches, etc.; moreover, this specification can also be used in cages where a variety of birds are mixed. It keeps all birds safe in a large aviary.

Birds are a beautiful sight in zoos. An excellent aviary net design adds color to this landscape. If you are looking for a trusted birdhouse wire mesh supplier, please contact Liulin Stainless Steel Rope and Netting Factory at sale@ssnetting.com.

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Why do you need stainless steel bird cage wire mesh?

Various birds are a favorite of tourists, but they must be kept in the aviary so that they are not in danger outside. Flexible birdcage wire mesh is specially designed for large birdhouses. The mesh is made of durable stainless steel wire rope material, and the approximately square diamond mesh provides a good perching and climbing material for birds. Stainless steel wire mesh meshes and rope diameters vary in size, so choose a smaller mesh size to accommodate the smallest birds.

Some metal meshes are made of iron wire, galvanized metal, and other coated metals. Stainless steel woven mesh is the best wire mesh for bird cages because it resists bacterial growth and rust, and it does not contain substances that are toxic to birds. Iron wire is safe, but the material corrodes easily and can be severely damaged. Although stainless steel braided mesh may be more expensive per unit, it is more environmentally friendly and non-toxic than the cheaper galvanized mesh material.

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