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Black oxide Stainless steel Parrots cage netting

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Black oxide Stainless steel Parrots cage netting is a kind of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh with black oxide finished. The mesh is a ideal netting for caging parrots birds.

Parrot is a large number of feathers, likes to call the birds. Typical climbing birds, on the toe-type foot, two toes forward toe backwards, suitable for grasping, strong and powerful bird beak, can eat hard shell fruit. Feathers are bright and often kept as pets. With their beautiful feathers, they learn the characteristics of human language skills and are more appreciated and loved by people. The largest parrot is the purple blue macaw. Its body length is up to 100 cm. The smallest is a blue-cocktail macaw. It is only 12 cm in length.

Most parrots eat or eat small amounts of plant fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, tender shoots, etc. on the tree or on the ground. Sucking honey parrots are the staple food pollen, nectar and soft and juicy fruit.

Black oxide Stainless steel Parrots cage netting

We have many codes of Black oxide Stainless steel Parrots cage netting, including kinds of parrots as below. The wire ropa diameter have 3/64", 1/16", 5/64" , 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm. The mesh aperture from 0.8" to 5" even larger. The mesh panels can be customized as clients' required size, and easy to install, can be used more than 30 years.

Parrots come in a wide variety of shapes and feathers. There are luxurious and elegant purple-and-blue macaws, a full-body white-crested yellow-crested sunflower cockatoo, eloquent Amazon parrots, colorful rainbow sucking parrots, small sunflower-like cockatoos, and dapper budgies. Peony parrots, eclectic parrots of red and green, and African grey parrots shaped like pigeons. Thailand issued a set of parrot stamps in 2001. They were topless parrots, Alexandrine parrots, macaws and parrots. Among them, parrots and parrots have wild populations in China. The chestnut parrot is divided into two types: the big chest and the small chest, especially the big chested parrot. It is a cage bird that is famous both at home and abroad. It is mainly produced in China's Sichuan Province and northern Yunnan Province in the eastern part of Yunnan Province. Sichuan parrot.

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