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Flexible Stainless Steel Animal Fence Mesh Order

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Liulin zoo animal wire mesh – flexible stainless steel wire rope animal fence is made of high-quality stainless steel wire ropes, which are soft and durable. When the wire ropes are weaving into a mesh net, it is also flexible. The mesh net can be stretched and folded. Therefore, the shipping of goods is relatively easy. The packages are smaller.

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Because of the flexibility of the stainless steel zoo mesh, Liulin’s zoo mesh can be used in almost any project or construction of zoo enclosures. Such as zoo fence railing, monkey enclosure fence, aviary mesh, tiger barrier perimeter fence, etc.

Especially in the bird aviary designing, many architects are more fond of our flexible steel animal mesh. The stainless steel wire mesh provides designers with more inspiration, realizes their pursuit of beauty, and ensures safety also.

Cutting proof and corrosion resistance are also the most important basics of wire cable zoo mesh.  Its transparent appearance plus the excellent performance makes zoo enclosure mesh most popular.

LIULIN is committed to long-term projects in animal enclosures that provide a long-term, safe environment for animals. If you agree with our ideas or are interested in stainless steel wire rope products, please contact us.