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Flexible metal mesh

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Flexible metal mesh is a diamond-shaped mesh woven from stainless steel cables through special processing techniques.


Flexible metal mesh really softness similar to that of a nylon mesh compared to its type of wire mesh or welded wire mesh.

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Flexible wire mesh is a creative product that is soft and flexible, foldable and can be pulled to fit a variety of shapes.

It is made into channels, construct various large-area shaped mesh panels, and even under the designer's play, various three-dimensional shapes can be formed. For example, a pocket shape or a tent. It can meet almost all the designer's design needs, and enjoy the designer's concept and have a very good expressive power.

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Flexible metal mesh also has properties not found in other materials.

Nylon is flexible and sturdy, but does not receive long-term UV exposure and has a very limited life in outdoor applications. Moreover, nylon materials lose their flexibility and strength as the material ages.

In the application of Flexible metal mesh, designers and architects do not have to worry about this problem. Thanks to the stainless steel material, the Flexible metal mesh is UV-resistant, wind-resistant and weather-resistant. It has the same life as the building and never rusts, requiring almost no secondary maintenance. This makes the initial investment very cost effective.

 Zoo mesh code #1276 is mainly for bird cage fence netting, which is lightweight, flexible, but strong ans durable, will never rust, can used more than 30 years.

Flexible metal mesh is almost perfect in the application of zoo animal cages. Once this product was introduced, it was highly praised by the architects of the zoo cages and was popular all over the world. This trend continues, and the positive experiences circulating among architects are spreading more widely.

Flexible metal mesh is the best choice for architects and designers.