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High quality Tiger cage enclsoure for sale

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High quality Tiger cage enclsoure for sale

High quality Tiger cage enclsoure for sale.jpg high quality Tiger cage enclsoure for encirclement.jpg

Are you looking for high quality Tiger cage enclsoure for encirclement? Of course, nnot any private can be surrounded by tigers,, must be a zoo, wildlife park, ambulance center, museum, exhibition center, or other similar place. These places have visitors to visit, so the  Tiger cage enclsoure must choose high-quality stainless steel rope netting mesh, in order to ensure the safety of tourists and tigers.

Stainless steel rope mesh made of Tiger cage enclsoure is made of high quality stainless steel material 304/316, mesh can be customized, from 2inch to 5inch, or larger. Stainless steel rope netting mesh strength is very easy to be destroyed, especially for ferocious ferocious animals, such as Tiger cage enclsoure, lion cage mesh, leopard cage fence.

Tigers are very ferocious, even in the cage, they can not ignore their ability to attack. There have been news reports, the tiger broke the purse and escape, hurt tourists. This purse is not a stainless steel rope netting mesh, strength and safety are not as stainless steel rope netting mesh. Stainless steel rope netting mesh is the safest Tiger cage enclsoure.

Common, stainless steel rope netting mesh code 3276 is the Tiger cage enclsoure common specifications, the specific information is as follows:

> by inch detdails:

wire rope strcture: 7 x 19

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1/8 inch

Mesh aperture: 3 inch x 3 inch

> by mm details:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 3.2mm

Mesh aperture: 76mm x 76mm

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