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How to choose a cost-effective eagle cage netting

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How to choose a cost-effective eagle cage netting

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First of all from the material aspects of the start, we recommend the material of eagle cage netting is stainless steel 304/316. Because the ordinary barbed material is easy to rust, nylon material is not durable, not suitable for eagle cage netting. Eagles are birds in the more ferocious birds, such as vultures, carvings and so on. Stainless steel is neither rusty and rugged, making it ideal for eagle cage netting.

Second, the eagle cage netting to ensure safety and light to watch. Especially in the zoo or bird park, the design and construction of the bird network need to consider the visitors to visit, so can not use dense and thick fence, affecting the line of sight. I plant eagle cage netting with high permeability mesh design, both to prevent the birds flying out, without affecting visitors to visit.

Moreover, the eagle cage netting has its own landscape characteristics. I plant the production of the eagle cage netting net can adapt to a variety of cages of the design and shape, whether it is square, round, umbrella, can be perfect fit. Eagle cage netting mesh is diamond-shaped, beautiful and elegant, very suitable for all kinds of bird cage fence.

We recommend cost-effective Eagle cage netting specifications for the stainless steel wire rope mesh model of  5/64" x 2" x 2", the specific details are as follows

Stainless steel wire rope mesh specification for eagle cage netting:

> by inch detdails:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 5/64 inch

Mesh aperture: 2 inch x 2 inch

> by mm details:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 2.0mm

Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm

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