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Large raptor birds protective fence

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LIULIN Stainless steel wire rope mesh performs very well in doing the works of large raptor birds protective fence.

What is large raptor birds?

Raptor is a kind of very ferocious birds that feeds on other animals. They have almost no natural enemies in nature and are on the top of the food chain.

Why protect raptors?

Raptor has a low reproductive rate and a small number in the wild. Moreover, many raptors are on the verge of extinction due to continued human poaching, environmental pollution and reduced habitats, and human protection is urgently needed.

Where can I see the raptor?

Raptor can be seen at the zoo, bird park or conservation center.

How to protect raptors?

First of all, the raptors in zoos and bird parks should not be locked into "babies."

Second, it is large enough and as much as possible to restore the original ecological environment.

Third, safety protection: including a safe netting -stainless steel wire rope mesh products, 2. quiet environment, no intruders; 3. safe food sources to avoid tourists feeding.

Why choose stainless steel wire rope mesh products as a safety fence for raptors?

1. The stainless steel wire rope mesh is strong and durable to prevent damage from raptors.

2. Stainless steel rope nets is safe in the province, will not be corroded and rusted, and has no pollution.

3. The service life of stainless steel rope net is more than 30 years, which meets the long-term environmental needs of raptors.

4. The stainless steel rope mesh has high plasticity and can accommodate a variety of environments, and the line of sight is transparent.

LIULIN Stainless steel wire rope mesh performs very well in doing the works of large raptor birds protective fence

We are committed to the long-term project of animal fences and give animals a long-term, safe environment. If you agree with our ideas or interest our products of stainless steel wire rope mesh, please contact me.

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