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Ship protection nets, ship protection fence

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Ship protection nets product we supplied are used on the outside of ships, vessel, and other ships to provide protection work.It is AISI316 /316L materials, strong, and high corrosion resistance.

Ship protection nets, ship protection fence

In the marine environment, the ship protection fence is very susceptible to corrosion due to the effects of seawater temperature, salinity of seawater, atmospheric temperature of the ocean, and atmospheric humidity of the sea. Corrosion not only reduces the strength of the ship's protective net, but also shortens the life span of the ship, which affects its performance. Therefore, we recommend using 316 and 316L stainless steel materials. They have good corrosion resistance and are very suitable for marine environments.

The general specification of the ship protection fence net is the code 32102, as follows: 

Wire rope diameter:3.2mm (1/8")

Wire rope structure: 7x19 group

Mesh opening size : 102mm x 102mm ( 4" x 4" )

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