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Stainless steel animal fence netting

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Stainless steel animal fence netting is an animal fence made of stainless steel. It is commonly used in zoos, safari parks, and various animals in parks, such as large bird aviaries, parrot aviaries, parrot nets, parrot purse, small Animal net, monkey net, monkey seine, monkey cage, deer fence, deer net, deer net, lion net, tiger net, leopard cage net, etc.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh as animal safety netting

Stainless steel animal fence netting are replacing traditional iron fences and wire mesh. The birth of new materials has brought more convenience to our lives. Stainless steel, like its name, does not rust, has an extremely long service life, and as a new material, it has improved many physical properties. Compared to iron, it is stronger, more tough, more resistant to corrosion and has a longer life. These excellent features make it possible to replace old iron products in every respect. Stainless steel animal fences are the perfect replacement for traditional wire mesh and iron fences.

Stainless steel animal fence netting created by liulin is a kind of flexible net. It is flexible, tough and indestructible. It can be applied to the common cage design, and can be applied to various shapes, giving the designer more Great space to play.

There are already many zoos around the world that use this material in newly built projects. It is a new generation of stainless steel zoo nets that are not only lightweight and sturdy, but also have an extremely long service life and maintenance-free features. Stainless steel animal nets can be used for aviaries, animal cages and animal fences. Welcome to call us.