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The effects of animal cages on animals and the choice of animal cage nets

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Animal cages nets is also called as zoo animal fence, animal enclosure mesh, animal enclosure fence, zoo animal mesh, animal protection mesh, animal cage protective, stainless steel animal mesh, zoo animal cages, zoo protective fence.

Animal Cage is a necessary construction in the zoo, animal species in zoos are diverse, different kinds of animal cages are designed for different animals, which have a very important effect on the growth of animals, such as: The Monkey Cage needs plenty of space, the internal construction of a variety of climbing facilities, bird cages to be transparent, no sense of bondage, tiger cages to be strong enough and durable. A reasonable animal cage design, not only can let the animal physical and mental health, release the most real ecological habits, but also to attract tourists to stop to watch, for the park to increase passenger flow.

The choice of animal cage protection nets in the design of reasonable animal cages fence is very important, it is the core of the zoo's cage, involving animal management, visitor viewing, personal security, zoo capital investment and many other aspects, so the zoo cage nets to have a very good durability, firmness, aesthetics and so on. At present, many zoos use stainless steel rope nets to build animal cage protection nets, according to the comparison with other protective nets, stainless steel wire mesh has the following advantages:


1. Strong, with sufficient resistance and breaking force, for Tigers can easily withstand the beast;


2. Durable, corrosion-resistant, not rust, can be applied to a variety of climatic environment, life expectancy of up to 30 years;


3. Soft, can be arbitrary modelling, suitable for a variety of cage shape design, easy installation;


4. Beautiful, do not block the view, convenient for tourists to watch


In addition, Liulin as a direct manufacturer, stainless steel wire mesh specifications complete, customized a variety of sizes.

stainless steel zoo animal cage mesh


Liulin Stainless steel Wire mesh factory specializing in the production of stainless steel wire mesh More than 20 years, all products using 304/316 stainless steel material, is widely used in animal cage nets, animal fence, zoo cage, zoo mesh, zoo fence, zoo enclosure, animal  protection mesh sites, export the world.

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