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Crane Fence Netting

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Crane fence netting widely used for kinds of zoo crane bird fencing, wire rope crane netting, flexible crane mesh, crane mesh, zoo crane netting, flamingo aviary netting, zoo peacock netting.

100% Hand Woven, 304/316 stainless steel material, Wire Cables X-cross, Knotted Netting,

Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable, No Rust, No Corrosion, Useful Life Over 30 Years.


Why choose handwoven stainless steel netting for crane fence netting?

1. Pretty! Close nature for dear animals, excellent visual effect for vistor, to improve the traffic!

2. Flexible but strong, can be install to anywhere, any terrain!

4. Strong, Flexible, Soft, Durable, No Rust, No Corrosion, Useful Life Over 30 Years

5. Handwoven stainless steel netting can create a totally enclosed space for the animal enclosures, make it highly closed to the nature.

6. The handwoven stainless steel netting can only be produced in rectangular shape. If you need special shape, the only way is to cut off the excess part after the installing, say, the four edges of the whole mesh has been fixed. Very important, please note do not trim the zoo mesh before the installation.

7. The stainless steel wire rope woven mesh are with the soft touching, can be stretched, folded, rolled and packed naturally.

9. Ordering production processes, production according to the user’s requirements, you can get every piece of mesh size is suitable for your design, do the zero waste, can most save your cost.

10.Material guarantee, Size guarantee, Quality assurance, On time delivery guarantee!