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manufacturer supply tiger cage enclosure mesh, tiger fence netting

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Tigers and lions, leopards, are ferocious carnivore animals, with a strong attack, the tiger fence netting, tiger cages mesh, tiger cage enclosure, tiger fence enclosure mesh, stainless steel tiger fence mesh choice is very important, more use of stainless steel rope net to build. We are common in the zoo tiger species are: tiger, white tiger, Bengal tiger, etc., can be used the stainless steel rope net to protect. The following is liulin stainless steel rope net for the tiger cage enclosure mesh client case diagram:

tiger cage enclosure mesh, tiger fence nettingmanufacturer supply tiger cage enclosure mesh, tiger fence netting

Stainless steel tiger fence mesh, tiger cage enclosure mesh compared to other materials, zoo tiger cage netting has unparalleled advantages:

1. Tensile force, breaking power, you can tiger, lion, leopard and other beasts easy isolation fence;

2. Flexible, scalable , The installation of flexible and convenient, suitable for a variety of terrain and zoo cage shape;

3.liulin manufacturers using cross-weaving process, the overall structure of the mesh more solid;

4. beautiful environmental protection, no rust, can be reused, the current statistics, In the tiger fence enclosure netting mesh with a minimum life of more than thrity years;

5. Custom mesh size, large mesh, can cover the entire cage of zoo tiger.


Which commonly used tiger fence netting, tiger cage enclosure, tiger fence enclosure mesh, tiger cages netting- liulin stainless steel rope mesh specifications are as follows:

Product: Stainless Steel Tiger Cage Enclosure Mesh

Stainless steel rope diameter: 3.2mm

Mesh size: 51 × 51mm / 76 × 76mm

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Mesh size: customized according to customer needs.


Following the recent tiger wounding incident in china, the construction of tiger cages enclosure has become the primary concern of the zoo, stainless steel wire rope net to meet all their needs on the basis of more beautiful and environmentally friendly features, suitable for zoo tiger enclosure, lions fence, parrots cage, cranes fence , Eagles enclosure mesh, orangutans cages, monkeys exhibit and other animal cage enclosure. Is a zoo, wildlife park widely used animal fence enclosure netting mesh


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