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Stainless Steel Tunnel Mesh Fence - Best Christmas Gift for Zoo Animals

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LIULIN ZOO MESH MANUFACTURER has prepared the best Christmas gift for your zoo - stainless steel tunnel mesh fence, stainless steel woven cage mesh, steel wire rope bird wire mesh, etc. The products are novel in appearance and green in environment.

tunnel mesh system

Christmas is coming soon, and many people will prepare Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts are not only suitable for humans; animals can also get Christmas gifts. Many zoos have prepared gifts for the animals in the zoo that are suitable for them. This practice is very good and makes the animals feel new and warm.

Whether it is food or toys, it is not the best gift. The best gift is to give animals permanent security and comfortable living environment, so that they can return to "nature". A strong and useful, but also for the animals to create a "natural environment" of the zoo fence is essential.

Recommended for you Liulin stainless steel rope mesh, it is hand-woven, mesh structure, very good permeability and breathability. The cable steel mesh is flat and smooth, will not hurt the animals, easy to clean and disinfect, effectively prevent the infection and spread of disease. The most important thing is that it can be concealed in the surrounding trees to create an imitation natural environment. It can also be designed into various shapes for animals to climb and entertain.

Philadelphia Zoo the tiger's air passage

The representative work of stainless steel rope mesh is stainless steel tunnel mesh fence. It is a tube or square channel structure, consisting of net and frame. Many zoos in Europe and America have adopted this design. Channel design is very high requirements for the fence, must use high quality stainless steel rope material, the fence can be flexible and soft, and strong and durable, to achieve the best results.

Tunnel mesh net can be applied to a variety of animals, not only love climbing primates can be used, large cats like tigers, lions, leopards, etc. can be used in this design.

Stainless steel cable tunnel net specifications are recommended for:

Monkeys, gorillas, apes, etc. usually use #1638, #1651, #2051, etc.

Tigers, lions, etc. usually use #3251, #3260, #3276, etc.

Other uses can choose the specifications according to the specific situation; see the specifications page for details.

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