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Woven Steel Mesh – Liulin zoo mesh fabrication

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Woven Steel Mesh, as the name suggests, is a mesh woven with stainless steel. But isn't stainless steel very hard? It must be machine-woven. It would be wrong to think so. Because stainless steel is very soft after being drawn into wires. The wire ropes twisted by multiple strands of stainless steel wires can be hand-woven into a net with meshes of different sizes, which we call stainless steel rope nets or zoo nets. It is named because it is mainly used in zoos.

The main applications of woven steel mesh nets in zoos include bird aviary nets, monkey cage nets, tiger fence mesh, tunnel nets, lion exhibition fences, various fence nets, etc.

zoo monkey cage fence mesh nettingstainless steel aviary bird netting mesh

As a professional woven steel mesh manufacturer and export company, Liulin zoo mesh fabrication has close cooperation with zoos and bird parks in Europe, America, Australia, and many other countries. We provide customers with customized size services to reduce waste and make installation simple.

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