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Flexible wire mesh for large walk in aviary

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As a common landscape in the zoo, large walk in aviary takes the natural ecological environment as the core and shows the living conditions of birds in the natural environment. It integrates various factors such as green plants, animals, trees, houses, aviaries and tourists. An integrated outdoor large ecological bird park. The choice of building materials for the large walk in avairy is very important. As a long-life building project, the stainless steel wire cable mesh is accepted and applied by more and more designers because it has the same service life as the frame and structure. The long life of the stainless steel material itself makes it possible to make a one-time investment in the aviary. Because the labor cost is increasing year by year, the one-time built design can avoid many maintenance costs in the long run, which is very cost-effective.

zoo mesh for bird aviary safe netting

Stainless steel wire rope mesh, good flexibility, single-chip mesh area is large, can be directly covered on the surface of the birdhouse frame, adapt to various design, easy to construct, and does not require post-maintenance. It is the perfect choice for the construction of large walk in aviary.

Advantages of flexible wire mesh

1, can be customized mesh size, single-chip size is large.

2, service life 30+ years

3, good flexibility, suitable for all kinds of design.

4, light and breathable, open, able to fit nature, giving birds a more natural living environment.

5, not afraid of rain and snow, a wide range of applications.

6, sturdy and durable, can effectively prevent the invasion of rodents.

Applicable scenes: zoo aviaries, large aviaries, outdoor aviaries, safari parks, marine zoos, playgrounds, etc. The stainless steel large walk in aviary mesh is the ideal building material for the aviary mesh, and more and more designers are bringing and spreading positive experiences.