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How to choice best bird aviary exhibit netting

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How to choice best bird aviary exhibit netting? Of course, stainless steel wire rope mesh is the most sensible choice, it is also the most suitable bird aviary exhibit netting.

Bird aviary is a gathering of more than 100 kinds of birds in one, mainly to the light of the peacock, flamingo, red-crowned crane, parrot, golden pheasant, crested ibis and other mild-tempered birds. Visitors can enjoy in the park and interact with birds to enjoy the fun of the birds flying overhead and the overhead birds. Bird language Lin more and more are being built in a variety of tourist parks, farm, tourist attractions, enterprises and institutions, parent-child paradise and other fields. Bird language forest generally by the surrounding side of the fence and Skynet composition, like the yurt in general, the park built houses, trees, rockeries, ponds, etc., is a miniature ecological landscape.

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Stainless steel wire rope mesh is soft, flexible, high strength, light weight, the service life of more than 30 years, the latter does not require maintenance, will not rust and corrosion, can withstand strong winds and heavy snow, even in humid seaside areas can use.

For large bird aviary exhibit netting, not only beautiful, but also practical, and the construction of high-altitude than the average animal side fence is much more difficult, there is a very good permeability, stainless steel wire rope mesh in this point the advantages and prominence . Stainless steel wire rope mesh convenient installation by the customer's approval.

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