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Lion cage mesh suppliers

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As a good Lion cage mesh suppliers, out duty is to supply high-quality Lion cage mesh products and meticulous service. If you are our old customer, you must know us, a reliable supplier.

The Lion cage mesh we supplied application for kinds of lions enclosure mesh, lion protective fence, lion separative netting, lion safe netting, lion exhibit netting, and so on. The place including lion cage side mesh, roof mesh, screen mesh, isolated mesh, decorative mesh, and other lion cage fence like temporary transport cage, circus mesh, and so on. 

Because of its good performance in character, such as 304 ss material, never rust, higt strength, light weight, close to nature, 30 years useful-life, so many zoos, parks, gardens, companies, or protect centers are all give it high rating, we think it is worth if you choose the mesh.

As a lion cage mesh suppliers, we also be worth if you choose us, because we are the earliest and largest and professional factory in China. We have professional technology, equipment, experience, and excellent service, our team is ready to communicate and cooperate with you, welcome you contact us at any time.

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