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Stainless steel wire rope mesh application in city zoo

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Many urban zoos have small footprints, crowded layouts and outdated facilities, which have failed to meet the needs of urban construction and people's living standards. Such a zoo needs to be relocated or upgraded.

We saw that after the relocation of the zoo in the nearby city, it had a large area and a more natural environment. Here, herbivores such as sika deer and camels in the herbivore area are mixed; the bird garden combines water features, and polyculture birds and waterfowls. The large animal cage exhibition area uses transparent high-grade tempered glass, and the surrounding protection area uses lightwight, strong and durable stainless steel wire rope mesh products, which has no visual obstacles.

In addition to animals, the park has a lot of scenery, and there are innovations in the overall layout, green landscape and other small facilities. While enjoying the animals, it seems to be in a beautiful garden landscape.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh application in city zoo

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