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What is the fence cost to Build a soccer field-sized bird aviary park?

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The Bird Park is an ecological park landscape design site. It transforms the traditional caged cages of birds into a giant bird canopy net for all kinds of birds to naturally inhabit. Visitors can also completely stay in the bird watching park. Interact with birds and feel natural. So what is the fence cost to Build a soccer field-sized bird aviary park?

There are two kinds of nets used in the construction and transformation of the Bird Park, one is a nylon net and the other is a stainless steel wire rope net. Two very different materials, the advantages and disadvantages are also very obvious. Nylon nets, have low tensile strength and aging, and require regular inspections and maintenance, and have a short life span. On the other hand, Stainless steel wire rope mesh has the advantages of high strength, non-corrosion, long life, free installation, and maintenance-free, although the unit construction cost is high, the overall cost is low. Therefore, the stainless steel wire rope mesh is currently the most popular bird garden construction net and large-scale bird park renovation special net in zoos, tourist attractions, farmhouses and other places.

What is the fence cost to Build a soccer field-sized bird aviary park

Stainless steel wire rope mesh used for bird aviary park fence, have different specifications, mesh size and rope thickness is not the same, the price ranges from $5 to $50 each Square meter. In practice, the customer generally chooses the size of the mesh hole in the range of 40mm ~ 60mm. This will not only ensure that the enclosed birds will not fly out, but also maintain a good permeability and will not cause any damage in places where there is more snowfall.

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