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Order Delivery News and Events

  • Delivery of stainless steel rope knotted mesh- Liulin wire mesh

    Delivery of stainless steel cable braided mesh. This is the customer’s order for building birdhouses, Stainless Steel Cable Woven Mesh from Liulin.The order is code for product #1638 and the shell net is used primarily for birdhouses. Stainless steel woven mesh as a birdhouse building material is ex

  • Order applied for parrot aviary wire netting finished

    Parrot aviary wire netting uses unique processing technology to punch stainless steel wire ropes and mesh them, which is flexible and robust. This treatment is the same as luxury goods, and is handcrafted, and therefore more luxurious. The aesthetic appearance, smooth surface and large area of a sin

  • Black wire rope mesh product order finished

    This is a black wire rope mesh product custom-made for Canadian customers and will be used for the construction of large aviaryies.In order for our customers to complete their orders in a timely manner, we have taken a variety of measures to ensure the normal operation of our factory. Please don’t w

  • Flexible stainless steel cable woven mesh order delivered

    Stainless steel cable woven mesh order delivered. This is an order of LIULIN stainless steel cable woven mesh for customers from Australia.The code for this order is Product #3260, the enclosure netting is primarily for lion. This is a detailed view of the stainless steel cable woven mesh. Flexible

  • Aviary mesh order finished, Macaw aviary wire mesh, Parrot aviary mesh

    The production of the aviary mesh order is completed, and the customer has just customized to build a new macaw aviary project. The black stainless steel parrot aviary mesh developed by Liulin uses a black oxide coloring process. This process creates a dense black oxide layer on the stainless steel

  • 2880 sq.ft. Monkey mesh order finished – Stainless steel wire mesh factory

    2880 sq.ft. Monkey mesh order finished, This is a zoo project for monkey cages.The stainless steel wire rope net is very perfect as a monkey net, and the stainless steel wire rope net has many excellent performances.It is non-rusting, durable, tough, soft, light, breathable, does not affect the line

  • Stainless steel outdoor aviary fence order has been delivered

    Stainless steel outdoor aviary fences are used in cage applications for large birds. Common large aviaries include: peacock aviary, flamingo aviary, macaw aviary, cockatoo cage, toucan cage, white-headed crane house.The stainless steel outdoor birdhouse fence is suitable for outdoor environments bec

  • Stainless steel zoo animal mesh order completed

    The Zoo Animal mesh is a flexible metal fence dedicated to the zoo. It is hand-woven from stainless steel wire rope.This animal fence is sturdy and durable, has a luxurious appearance, does not rust, and has a long life, which is very popular among zoo managers.The animal purse is suitable for a wid

  • Black Oxidized Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Order Completed - Liulin order sent

    Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh is the professional zoo fencing. The Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh is a special surface treated stainless steel black oxide coated mesh, hand-woven from 304/316 stainless steel wire rope, dyed by a special process, suitable for zoo fencing.The Bl

  • Bird cage wire mesh size- Liulin order sent

    The stainless steel cable netting is a professional bird cage wire mesh with many different product specifications and can be selected according to different birds. Different birds should choose different product specifications in order to better protect birds.The customer selected the product speci

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