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Stainless Steel Hand-Woven Aviary Mesh

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Stainless steel hand-woven aviary mesh is very common bird cages and aviary material. It is usually in zoos, bird parks, and gardens. Stainless steel rope mesh nets to provide a more open and natural living environment for large birds.


The large bird aviary net of Liulin zoo mesh is woven from stainless steel wire rope, which has good physical properties. It is strong, soft, flexible, and has strong tensile strength. Moreover, the stainless steel hand-woven aviary mesh itself has the excellent properties of stainless steel, does not rust. Does not age, and has a long service life.

The processing technology of Liulin stainless steel aviary mesh is different from the processing technology of ordinary stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh or sleeve mesh.


By improving the processing technology, the buckle is removed, and the stainless steel wire rope is directly inserted and knotted.


The finished product has better material consistency, stronger air permeability, and light transmittance. Avoid strong reflections in the sun and be lighter. Moreover, it avoids grid deformation and gap generation caused by the sliding of the buckle.

Innovative products can drive designers to make better designs, and innovative products can bring a better experience to visitors.

Liulin zoo mesh factory always pays attention to product development and adheres to the highest standards to provide customers with quality products. Our goal is to create better products and provide customers with better services.