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Stainless steel cable mesh for Tiger Enclosure Mesh

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Stainless steel cable mesh is widely used in tiger enclosure mesh.

Tigers are one of the more ferocious animals in zoos, and if they are not properly protected, they can cause hurtful incidents.

In view of this situation, it is necessary to take firm protective measures against Tigers.

wire rope tiger mesh

Protective measures need both tigers and tourists, on the one hand, the cage in the firm at the same time can not be too hard, otherwise it will hurt the tiger's fur: On the other hand, the cage should have a good field of vision and light, so that will not affect the visitors experience. At the same time with the above requirements is the stainless steel rope mesh, stainless steel rope mesh has enough strength to ensure the safety of tigers and tourists, but also to provide good sight, transmittance and breathable, for the Tiger to provide a good cage environment. The tiger fence needs to be kept clean, bright, and not damaged by the tiger's bite, while the smooth surface of the stainless steel rope mesh does not harm the tiger's fur.

Stainless steel cable mesh Not only has the above characteristics, but also has high strength, good flexibility, light weight, anti-ultraviolet and weather-resistant good, not rust, non-corrosive, simple structure, rugged, super-long service life and other advantages.

According to the above, the choice of stainless steel cable mesh as the tiger enclosure mesh is a very correct choice, so as to maximize the protection of Tiger health and the safety of tourists.